Beloved Integer (Bootstrap/PUB LUSH, 2007)

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This is a book for impossible space. Beloveds who love each other like this, for whom both language and distance are erotic, will be met by these luminous poems at all points. It’s a delicious subject—how to speak in the first place, and how to ask for something in a way that’s neither negotiation nor seduction. Something else. Intense expression. I am trying to describe the incredible relationship the writer herself has to words—phrasing, phonemes, possible verbs. Michelle Naka Pierce writes to us here, from a dark and intimate architecture lined with peeling gold parchment: the letters, illuminated, partially torn and always, always broken off.—Bhanu Kapil

A translation of absence. An existential solution to the mystery of lovers separated by distance. With uncompromising physics and philosophy, Michelle Naka Pierce deconstructs the fragments of discourse and creates an unflinching meditation on the significance of love.—Maureen Owen

This marvelous book, so light on all its hands and feet, so assured in the delicacy of its unwavering precision… Beloved Integer presents its visitors/voyagers with a complex adaptive system of memory and desire, a kind of visible city rich in “variably negotiated moments of production,” in “oceanic feeling,” in “dialogues in solitude,” in easy energy and hard-earned matter, fearlessly held up to the light, which adumbrates the deepest territories of the heart.—Laird Hunt

Excerpt: not enough night
Interview by M. Perel: Tarpaulin Sky
Translation by Sirama Bajo: Derivas

Companion text by Chris Pusateri: North of There (Dusie, 2007)