March 17, 2009

10 Chapbooks

The chapbook and pamphlet are underrated forms, but should be celebrated. Here are 10 lovely chaps:
  • Gabrielle Civil's Glint
  • Drew Kunz's Tether
  • Jared Hayes's RecollecTed and CaGed
  • Jared Hayes and Joseph S. Cooper's Structural Blue in Circuits The Blood Can be Used: Insuring the Wicker Man Shadow Created Delusion
  • Jennifer K. Dick and Kate Van Houten's Retina/RĂ©tine
  • Laura Goldstein's Day of Answers
  • Jill Darling's Begin with May
  • kari edwards' Bharat Jiva
  • Padcha Tuntha-obas and Alysha Wood's Across & Between the Void
  • Susana Gardner's Scrawl, or (from the markings of) the small her(o)
  • Chris Pusateri's North of There and Flowers in Miniature
  • Danielle Vogel's Lit
Okay, clearly I have a problem with keeping to just 10.