September 30, 2009

Adfempo. Constellations.

Returning from NY and the Adfempo conference, I found myself practicing wrist compression. I have motion sickness. The site of losing temporal understanding (bearings) while shifting positions [x-ing borders]. Monday I am stranded. Stalled. The car in breakdown mode. Is this a reflection of the new manuscript? Stranded, but not in the bad sense. In the way you pull over to the side of the road, kick tires, watch the blur of cars go by. Gather things from inside the gas station. Garner strength for the next leg of the trip. Pit stop. Tuesday: a panic attack--more like verging on; the way anxiety builds in the temple, in the pulse. Have you ever felt the chest pumping blood to your ears? BK aka BT, not British Telecom, taps three fingers on the sternum. Pain and comfort simultaneously. May I, she asks. But this post is moving away. So I will go back...

Re(mis?)constructed notes on advancing feminist poetics:

A. Meta DuEwa Jones: Voice print. Silhouette. Oppositional poetics.
B. Julie Patton: The alphabet modifies our daily life.
C. Rachel Zolf: We write to fail.
D. Ammiel Alcalay: A lot of our work here is this scarring.
E. In the middle of the Plenary I, I scribble notes for a new course: the hybrid utterance. The site of construction begins with vertical and horizontal interrogative acts.
F. Cixous: Every woman has known the torment of getting up to speak.
G. Laura Mullen's homage (and beyond) to Yoko Ono and Cixous. White, Inc.Wedding. To (un)dress. Cutting along the body. See clip below.
H. Dodie Bellamy on Cunt-ups: Queering of Heterosexuality. Hetero desire so queer that the married guy couldn't recognize it.
I. Bhanu Kapil: It's not language that heals, it's narrative. Open yourself to
the vibration of place.
J. Kass Fleisher: On the violence of untruth...Hegel's thesis + antithesis =
synthesis. This won't help us. Who wants to synthesize with bullshit?
Antisentence that represents antiviolence.
K. Bellamy reprise: Genitals roam freely.
L. Emily Beall: Inhabiting the forms of an/other.
M. Tim Peterson: Dismantle authorial voice....invoking kari edwards: “I am a homosexual woman being a straight man being a homosexual woman / I am a tree in disguise / with an edge predicament.”
N. Chris Tysh: Invoking Deleuze: co-existing sheets of time.
O. Jeanne Heuving: The mechanical in the organic and the organic in the mechanic (on conceptual writing).
P. Kristin Prevallet: Wrapped in gauze, a shroud. She lay still throughout the rest of the panel. She performs in her inner grief a public.
Q. Michelle Taransky: I have no control over the twitter environment. Speed. Youth. Mourning.
R. Forgive me, I can't remember, but someone invoked Charles Bernstein: the fissure in the everyday.
S. Tonya Foster: I resist the word resist. In another space: don't fetishize the waste (on Jefferson's shit).
T. Eileen Myles: Feminism as waste.
U. Jen Hofer (like gopher, not Hofer like offer): meticulously sews chapbooks in the audience of the Cixous panel. Graciously gives one to me.

A kind of pathology emerges with inflight semantics.