October 25, 2009

Pedagogy of Decentered Authority in the Blogosphere

I invite you to post questions in the comment section or email them, and I will try to respond.

Plus, questions for you:

1. Are you a hybrid in prose body? A poem in a footnote? What is the body in relation to your writing?

2. Do you sleep at night or do you write poetic manifestos? Share your best line...

3. Hans Robert Jauss: What is the "horizon of expectation" as it relates to your work?

4. Is your work "naive," as in Queneau's sense of perimathematical: "a naive theory of sets." Do you "try to prove motion by walking"?

5. Do you consider writing within roman à clef (novel with a key, describing real life behind a façade of fiction). Specifically, I'm thinking about Woolf's Orlando. It is not only transgender; it is also transgenre. How do you set out to genre-bend?

6. How can one deterritorialize language?

7. If "self" is an unstable signifier and does not define all that one is--that is, it fails--what is the site of restructuring? What do we learn in the failure?

8. What are you reading? What are you thinking poetically/hybrid-wise? What should I consider as I move forward?