March 12, 2010

In an Invisible Text

Yesterday, in Hybrid Utterance, we acknowledged a fissure and began to restitch a seam. 

We followed an ancillary piece of information in Jenny Boully's The Body, until it was no longer ancillary. 

That is, in the absence of a body, that on the periphery, the outlying [outlined] fragment, becomes a body: "a trace in the strict sense disturbs the order of the world" (49). Subversion. 

These are not mere footnotes; they're engaged with Barthes' figures: 

1. "fragments of discourse"; 
2. "outlined (like a sign) and memorable (like an image)";
3. “the site of someone speaking within [her]self…, confronting the other…, who does not speak” (A Lover's Discourse).

How do you document that which is absent? By "casting [your] voice into a void" (5) and listening for the reverberation.