June 15, 2010

SWP Day 1: Random Notes

Anne Waldman begins the opening panel with Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

Steve Evans divides sound from its source (on recording). Later that evening, he records dinner chatter. Bhanu puts the iPhone up to my mouth, as I take a bite of curry chicken.

Disposable communication: Discuss. Or toss.

What is the infrastructure of poetry: Jen Scappettone.

Brian Kitely: Language always an abbreviation. Quotes Steve Evans: Mimesis is tied to conformity. References Mary Douglas' Thinking in Circles. See this

Later in class, we try to unpack ring narrative (ABCBA), and I think of spirals and a slinky. Janna states these are different than rings, and she may be right. 

We discuss Euclidean geometry (in a very rudimentary way, mind you). I draw a water tower on the board: triangle, square, half circle, three lines (as in a vanishing point)--in order to contrast fractals. Then Genevieve draws a snowflake. We discuss Retallack's notions of fractal poetics in relation to Stein: language as coastline, as site of transformative exchange.

This is a border incident, the unfolding of "narrative" at the site of transgressions. Complex systems intersecting. 

If "a sentence is an interval" (Stein), a break or gap that intervenes time/space, then is the poem a series of non-continuous moments intersecting narrative? Suddenly an image comes to mind: pick-up sticks. 

I'll end with Samuel Beckett: find a form that accommodates the mess.