March 9, 2011


Chris Pusateri
Molecularity (Dusie, 2011)
Available for free download

The world in which you were corporeal is moderately slow. Starting live fire into full stop. Something in the chill of a new origin: a virgin circuit. This falling, which begs the spigot atop. I said, new derivation. Unstable legs. I said, impossible profit. Molecular reminders assign syntax. Oft the mainframe. Pry open leverage. Pry your subject anew. It does not seem, but seems. Reminders of anger among the cracked pepper. Someone thinks in aggregates: a mineral mixture in the sum total. In the beginning, before yellow, before color atop leather skin: odds-on service from an event or two. You yield data, a different kind of skill set. You said, pictures rung the league. The world in which you were set to remember factors deep-throat data. Chill. Someone thinks someone’s wrong. So much so 

An alphabetic break.