October 14, 2011

4x4 Reading and CFBRed

Last night, JKS hosted a stunning reading: the annual 4x4. There were no monster trucks, but a 75-head count in PAC. The PAC crew removed some elements from The Tempest set--no more theatre in the round, but the backdrop hung from the ceiling, like some black wind-clouds. CSU, DU, and CU reps were there. Be on the lookout for Gabrielle Fuentes' work (from CU). She read a kaleidoscopic "essay" that created an object chamber for the listener. Naropa's own Matt Wedlock rocked a poem: "this is how a discourse occurs." The mix of image, rhythm, story, and repetition converged: into strawberries. I sat next to Reed Bye. Neither of us knew what a carhartt was. The Bombay Ginners tried to sell issues of Bombay Gin. In the end, I left with a head full of language. Nothing wrong with that.

In other news, (I know it's been so long since I've written on this blog and clearly I'm a bit rusty), I'm reviewing cover designs for my new book: Continuous Frieze Bordering Red. No brackets. But that's another story for another time. I've been given permission to use Rothko's Black on Maroon 1959. Check it out.

Things on the horizon:

Jack Collom's 80th birthday celebration at the Laughing Goat: Nov. 7

Gary Snyder at Naropa: Nov. 16 and 17