November 27, 2011

Symptom of Color

On first try, I wrote Symptom of Colore...and quite liked it...but decided to fix the typo anyway because that's what happens. Clearly, I am not Italian, do not speak Italian, though I studied it for about a month before I ventured to Italy in 1996: during which I remember eating arancini (an Italian cheesy rice ballin a train station somewhere between Patras and Rome. Golden Fried and Delicious. But this post is not about Italy or risotto. Symptom of Colore is now available for free download at the Dusie Kollektiv 5 website. Check it out. With chapbooks by...

Jen Hofer
Maria Damon
Chris Pusateri
Jared Hayes
Jennifer K. Dick
Marthe Reed
William Allegrezza
Cara Benson
Carmen Gimenez Smith
Susan M. Schultz
rob mclennan    
Giles Goodland
Susana Gardner
and many many others...

Have you read a chapbook today?