April 8, 2012

Lex-ICON: Going to France!

Chris Pusateri and I will be in France this summer at the Lex-ICON Conference: June 7-10. Lex-ICON: Treating image as text & text as image.

On the 7th, I will be giving a presentation on my new book: Continuous Frieze Bordering Red: Rothko IMAG[IN]ED. 

That evening, we will perform at the Locus Metropole soiree. Chris will perform Common Time, and I will be performing a sound installation of She, A Blueprint.

On the 10th, we will be the featured readers in a progressive reading event--held in several sites throughout the afternoon.

If you happen to be in Mulhouse, France (or in Paris and would like to travel to Mulhouse for the weekend), please stop by!