February 20, 2009

The Remains of an Offering

OBJECTS: Stones lay on top of stones lay on top of stone, an offering. Flowers. One or two. A rose is a rose is a dried rose is a dead rose. Upon a bed that leads to the slab. Lettering: G & S and A, B & T. Here there is a V as a U as a U is a V. Lettering that is light. Back to back. And side by side. Or one atop of one. No spectacle and nothing strange a single color in an arrangement. All this and not ordinary.

FOOD: The meal which was before the nourishment was a meal. There was quiche lorraine and salade verte and haricot vert. There were no Toklas brownies, which are really Brion Gysin brownies, which are not here. In the inside there is thinking, in the outside there is walking, in the morning there is sleeping, and in the evening there is bitter cold, a kind of misunderstanding. In the day, like this day, there is a nurturing feeling, in feeling there is recognition, in feeling there is recurrence and in entirely silent there is gratitude.

ROOMS: There were no rooms, but room and a border. There were no rooms, but cobblestone walkways that follow to section 94. A kind of moss growing between. There was an occupation. And not a rental. The space within was a space within. There were few words to occupy, but a thank you. No tender words. None spoken. No preparation or preparing or dressing. This which is not why there is a voice is the remains of an offering.

photo taken by cp