February 7, 2012


When one is trying to revive a blog, one must think of clever things to say. Actually, one must make time to sit at a computerthis of course extends beyond the blog and into one's real work. I've started a new project, in addition to rewriting Exposure. And it began with a 3-minute free write in the Naropa Writing Center.

Now three minutes may not seem like a long time, but it generated an entire page of writingthe fast and furious kind, where one's hand does not move as fast as one's mind. Memories flooded the purple page one after the other. It was hard to see so much of my life in that short amount of time. This semester is about taking care of the self: that is, the body, the writing life, the relations. I'm sure there is more. Next step: leave work at a decent hour! As I was walking out of my office, now in the quaint Chestnut cottage (thanks facilities for getting the back porch light fixed!extremely helpful in the dark night), it dawned on me that the Open House for prospective MFAs was going on. I didn't want to intrude, but I thought it might be nice to pop in and say hello. Dear Reed Bye was holding the space, and Jade and Annie were there, too (two of our lovely MFA students)what a nice surprise. I drove home thinking how lucky JKS is to have wonderful people who contribute to community: who contribute to making the community. This is getting a bit pollyanna. Stop.

In a couple of weeks Alice Notley will be on our campus, and I am hoping to do an interview. If you have an interview question that you want me to ask her, leave a comment. Email or text me. Write it on my FB wall. Tweet me. By the way, may I just say that I am quite disturbed by the amount of crazy that happens on Twitter. I am new to that social networking space, and I'm not sure how long I will stick around. I've already had to block like four people in two days. What is up over there? As if there were really a there there. Who knew? Stein saw the future and it included the internet: AKA no there there.