February 2, 2012


Really want to tell you about Occupying Academic Writing--a contemplative writing workshop that I attended tonight, led by Naropa's Judith Simmer-Brown. It was amazing, and I left energized: happy that I work at a place that challenges patriarchal academic writing and grateful that I have great colleagues who think--and I'm not only talking about Judith.

Spent several minutes with some of the Writing Fellows from the NWC after the workshop, discussing how to incorporate this into the Writing Center, the pedagogy course, and first-year writing courses. So, I hope to unpack this a bit more...hopefully tomorrow. Plus, got an email from my collaborator, Yasamin Ghiasi, who wrote in response to my last post about our project, Exposure: "I am thinking here of course about simulacra. We forget the referent because the image precedes it. The image precedes the reality of the event. History becomes abolished as we are trapped in the eternal present of looking. The gaze. The gaze itself. The gaze that jetties." Yes! Simulacra! And I would like to add...because the image replaces the reality of the event. I will be getting out my Baudrillard tomorrow.

This is to say: this post is just a teaser...of things to come...soon.